Our goal is to make it as easy to access knowledge, by innovating and creating high-quality tools around learning. We are bringing historical content to the public that cannot be found anywhere else. You may have a few questions but we try to answer a few below.

How is AFG structured?
THE AMERICAN FARM AND GARDEN, or AFG, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to AFG are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. THE AMERICAN FARM AND GARDEN’s tax identification number is 45-2288548.

How is AFG funded?
Funding comes primarily from individual donations, but also through grants, in-kind gifts and sponsorships. Your support always makes a difference.

What does my donation support?
Technology, People and Projects. Your donation goes to maintenance, development, and content generation. Most large nonprofits have a large base of employees and volunteers, however we have only a handful of volunteers supporting a variety of projects. These volunteers make your donation a powerful investment in a lean and highly-efficient organization.

Why digitization?
These incredibly rare pieces of American history have survived many years and are fragile. Fire, water, mold, sunlight, bugs or rodents have the potential of quickly destroying these artifacts. Losing this information means that in many cases we collectively as a society can never get it back.

Why doesn’t AFG use advertising for revenue?
We believe that advertising is not appropriate for a project devoted to education and learning. Furthermore, we feel that advertising would have a major affect on our ability to deliver diverse content and ultimately ads would weaken the users’ overall confidence in the information they are viewing.

Does AFG need individual and corporate sponsors?
Unlike through advertising, we believe that individuals and corporations can play a significant role in supporting our work through sponsorships. Strong relationships with sponsors can supply resources that grow our capability to impact society for the greater good. If you are interested in becoming an individual or corporate sponsor of this project, please contact us for more information.

What can I do to help AFG spread the word?
Spread the word any way you can! Tell your friends and family. Share how you feel about the Agriculture Age project and what it means to you. A small thing like this can have a big impact for our organization. Only through your support is it possible for us to continue saving America’s farm history.