Olson Extensions for Ford Truck and Passenger Car Chassis

Date: c. 1919
Subject: Swedish Crucible Steel Company, Motor Truck Division
Origin: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Description: The Olson One-Ton Truck was a conversion kit for lengthening a Ford Model TT truck's wheelbase to increase payload capacity. The Olson conversion kits attached directly to any Ford Model TT and featured heavy-duty leaf springs, driveshaft extension and the 5 inch pressed channel rear frame. Various length Olson extension kits are shown in this circa 1919 catalog.


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Keywords: Swedish Crucible Steel Company, Olson One-Ton Truck, Ford Model T, Ford Model TT, Truck Conversion, Motor Truck, Automobile, Heavy-Duty, One-Ton, Pneumatic Tire
Identifier: 2013.01.03
Collection: Transportation
Format: Staple-Bound Catalog
Credit: From the collections of THE AMERICAN FARM AND GARDEN―a gift from an anonymous donor.